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Here at Search and find games we are passionate about creating games that
people want to interact with. We work with advertisers to create games around
their brand or product. The advantage is that rather than scrolling past people
will actually want to play our games and are engaged studying all the hand drawn elements.

We have amassed an online audience of over 250,000 players.

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Why Work With Us?

Our interaction/engagement levels are 20 times that of other social media
companies. People actually want to interact with the content we are creating and
will spend long periods of time looking at the content we create and also share
it with friends.
We have a presence in over 50 Countries so far and this is growing at a
phenomenal rate. Our games have a huge appeal to people in any Country and
have been played by millions of people already in our first year of trading. We
receive close to zero negative feedback and people return time and time again.

Who do our games appeal to?

Our demographics show it is mainly people under the age of 40 who engage best
with our games. Our most popular age range is people between the ages of 18-24
followed by people aged 25-34. This is a massive advantage for advertisers as this
can be the age range where it is tough to keep their attention, here at Search and
Find games we do that for you.

What can we offer advertisers?

We can create engaging content to best represent your brand or product. We can
market this directly to an already engaged audience. We can also market this
outside of our audience directly to a specific demographic in a set area. We know
from past campaigns our games work best with people aged 13-39 and
interaction levels in this age range are extremely high when compared with other
advertisers. The advantage we have is we are giving people advertisements they
actually want to engage with.

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